Day Two of The Errandonnee Challenge

Day two- I got 22 Miles in and completed 3 more errands- gaining one more category and my 2nd riding after dark commute/errandonne.

First I stopped at Osherlin’s, a tractor supply feed shop. On this ride I learned that I need to really check over my panniers and make sure they are tightly secure to my rear bicycle rack. I jumped a curve as I crossed the street leading to Osherlin’s and a pannier flew off.  A guy thankfully pulled up by me and let me know this. I didn’t hear it fall.

It was raining and snowing and awfully cold out, so I decided to stop of at the bike shop on my way back home. I figured it was midway from where I was at and home. I also wanted to check out some pricing of bike trailers for hauling camping gear and groceries this summer. I discovered that ski goggles is the way to go in weather conditions such as this. They worked great. I highly recommend the anti-fog goggles if you decide to go the same route for winter biking.

I rode home, let my dog out and cleaned up a little before I headed out for a map reading/orienteering meetup with my fellow Adventure Races racing friends. I checked to make sure my front light and tail light was working properly and away I went sloshing through the snow. The meet up was fun and I am super excited to my second Adventure Race later on this year. I really need to get a bicycling gps system before I do more hardcore commuting & alley cat/hustle races. I lost my bearing twice on this errandonne.. on the way there and on the way home.. fortunately, I only went a few miles out of my way.

OrshelinsBike ShopRide HomeMap Orientating MeetUp


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