Day Three of The Errandonnee Challenge

Day Three 18 Miles and 2 more categories.

I rode out to a coffee shop that was having an Art Class- offered through a meetup group that I am a member of. During this ride, I realized that I should be more selective of the bicycle that I choose for my commutes according to the terrain that I will be riding on. I took my FAT Bike again and I should have taken my CX Bike. The route I chose was very, very hilly and the wind was not acting as my friend today. The class was super fun and I discovered some new techniques that I can apply to my drawing artwork.

Afterwards, I met my family and my little 3 year old niece for dinner. We had House of Hunan’s Chinese food.  I listened to music  on this errandonne as it helps make a long commute relaxing and fun.

The photo’s below are of the Art Meet Up & The yummy Chinese food that I enjoyed with my family.

Bike at Art ClassDinner TimeZoe


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