Errandonnee Challenge: DAY ONE

Today I rode a total of 25 Miles. Not bad as the challenge only requires 30 Miles. I also completed 5 errands from 5 of the 12 categories (or controls). My first stop was at Cycle Works, our local bike shop. I checked out some cycle computers and discovered that they don’t have any setups for FAT Bike tire diameters yet.. so my other option will be looking into a cycling gps system at another time.

My 2nd stop was at the QP Hardware Shop. On the way there I decided that anti-fog ski goggles would have been a good thing to wear on my errands commute today. A scarf and sunglasses didn’t mix well… at all.

By this time I was running out of energy (not really, but that was a good enough excuse for me to go get a hot coffee drink). I headed over to the coffee shop for a caramel macchiato- (lots of calories, I know, but-) I’m biking, what the hell. Stop 3- Yum.

Errandonnee 4- Art Studio- I love this place. I love Art. I stopped by to visit with an art instructor and check out the monthly fee for classes. $60/month 1.5 hours once a week. Something to think about, perhaps twice a year??? We’ll see.

Errandonnee 5- off to work. Kinda lost my bearings.  Hmmm, perhaps a bicycle gps WOULD be a good thing. Very expensive though. I’ll have to find a creative way to save up for one.

I traveled to a trail head that eventually lead me to a gravel rode that took me out to my hell hole work place.  At the trail head I saw something disturbing.  What???  There was a HUGE sign posted up stating that the trail IS closed and they had a snow fence blocking off about 5ft of the entrance. Yeah, whatever. I went around it and continued ofn my way to work. It was slushy, muddy, icey, cold, windy AND absolutely beautiful out.

After I got to work, I unpacked my bike panniers and changed into work attire. I filled up my thermos with hot tea and brought my usb bike light up to my desk to acquire a full charge before heading off in the dark to ride home this evening.

I can’t wait to enjoy the commute home.



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