Errandonnee Day Four

Day Four was the last day of the Errandonnee Challenge for me. I rode a total of seven miles and hit my last two errandonnee’s to complete the 12 needed for the challenge.

This time I had a couple of  friends ride with me. It made it quite fun. It’s nice to have someone that rides about the same pace as you every now and then on bike commutes. We rode to Trader Joe’s and did our weekly grocery shopping.

The second errandonne was a trip to a friends house to drop off some eggs that my back yard chickens laid. I was nervous about breaking them during the entire commute. No more bringiing breakables on a errandonne from now on because it is way too stressful. And bicycling is meant to be fun…

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Day Three of The Errandonnee Challenge

Day Three 18 Miles and 2 more categories.

I rode out to a coffee shop that was having an Art Class- offered through a meetup group that I am a member of. During this ride, I realized that I should be more selective of the bicycle that I choose for my commutes according to the terrain that I will be riding on. I took my FAT Bike again and I should have taken my CX Bike. The route I chose was very, very hilly and the wind was not acting as my friend today. The class was super fun and I discovered some new techniques that I can apply to my drawing artwork.

Afterwards, I met my family and my little 3 year old niece for dinner. We had House of Hunan’s Chinese food.  I listened to music  on this errandonne as it helps make a long commute relaxing and fun.

The photo’s below are of the Art Meet Up & The yummy Chinese food that I enjoyed with my family.

Bike at Art ClassDinner TimeZoe

Day Two of The Errandonnee Challenge

Day two- I got 22 Miles in and completed 3 more errands- gaining one more category and my 2nd riding after dark commute/errandonne.

First I stopped at Osherlin’s, a tractor supply feed shop. On this ride I learned that I need to really check over my panniers and make sure they are tightly secure to my rear bicycle rack. I jumped a curve as I crossed the street leading to Osherlin’s and a pannier flew off.  A guy thankfully pulled up by me and let me know this. I didn’t hear it fall.

It was raining and snowing and awfully cold out, so I decided to stop of at the bike shop on my way back home. I figured it was midway from where I was at and home. I also wanted to check out some pricing of bike trailers for hauling camping gear and groceries this summer. I discovered that ski goggles is the way to go in weather conditions such as this. They worked great. I highly recommend the anti-fog goggles if you decide to go the same route for winter biking.

I rode home, let my dog out and cleaned up a little before I headed out for a map reading/orienteering meetup with my fellow Adventure Races racing friends. I checked to make sure my front light and tail light was working properly and away I went sloshing through the snow. The meet up was fun and I am super excited to my second Adventure Race later on this year. I really need to get a bicycling gps system before I do more hardcore commuting & alley cat/hustle races. I lost my bearing twice on this errandonne.. on the way there and on the way home.. fortunately, I only went a few miles out of my way.

OrshelinsBike ShopRide HomeMap Orientating MeetUp

Errandonnee Challenge: DAY ONE

Today I rode a total of 25 Miles. Not bad as the challenge only requires 30 Miles. I also completed 5 errands from 5 of the 12 categories (or controls). My first stop was at Cycle Works, our local bike shop. I checked out some cycle computers and discovered that they don’t have any setups for FAT Bike tire diameters yet.. so my other option will be looking into a cycling gps system at another time.

My 2nd stop was at the QP Hardware Shop. On the way there I decided that anti-fog ski goggles would have been a good thing to wear on my errands commute today. A scarf and sunglasses didn’t mix well… at all.

By this time I was running out of energy (not really, but that was a good enough excuse for me to go get a hot coffee drink). I headed over to the coffee shop for a caramel macchiato- (lots of calories, I know, but-) I’m biking, what the hell. Stop 3- Yum.

Errandonnee 4- Art Studio- I love this place. I love Art. I stopped by to visit with an art instructor and check out the monthly fee for classes. $60/month 1.5 hours once a week. Something to think about, perhaps twice a year??? We’ll see.

Errandonnee 5- off to work. Kinda lost my bearings.  Hmmm, perhaps a bicycle gps WOULD be a good thing. Very expensive though. I’ll have to find a creative way to save up for one.

I traveled to a trail head that eventually lead me to a gravel rode that took me out to my hell hole work place.  At the trail head I saw something disturbing.  What???  There was a HUGE sign posted up stating that the trail IS closed and they had a snow fence blocking off about 5ft of the entrance. Yeah, whatever. I went around it and continued ofn my way to work. It was slushy, muddy, icey, cold, windy AND absolutely beautiful out.

After I got to work, I unpacked my bike panniers and changed into work attire. I filled up my thermos with hot tea and brought my usb bike light up to my desk to acquire a full charge before heading off in the dark to ride home this evening.

I can’t wait to enjoy the commute home.



This blog is intended to share my bicycling adventures: commuting, bicycle challenges, club rides,  races, trips and anything to do with the world of bicycling as I see it. Today is Valentine’s Day 2013 and I am going to start off my blog with a challenge I read about on FB last night. I go so excited about it. I immediately printed off the rules and started preparing for my first day of this challenge.

The challenge is as follows:  Errandonnee: Complete 12 errands in 12 days and ride a total of 30 miles by bike between February 9-20. Here’s the link to the challenge: